Are opals worth the investment???

Some opals have huge value in the jewelry world and some do not. There are opals from all around the world. The most valuable and stable opals are from Australia. 
If you’re looking to invest in opals the only opals we recommend you buy are Mexican or Australian. 
Opals from Ethiopia break easier, craze, unstable, and absorb water which will destroy the color they display over time. 

Australian black opals are great investments as they are really stable, high in value, and limited in supply. Australian black opals are found mostly at lightning ridge and The days of finding 10+ carat black opals with great color is behind us, so these stones only have one place to go and that’s up. These opals can fetch $10,000+ per carat and display the most unique patterns and beautiful colors. White opals, crystal opals, and Boulder opals from Australia can fetch a lot of money as well. They’re also very stable and limited in supply. 

if you are looking to buy an opal or get an appraisal you can message us on our website or leave a comment and we’ll do our best to get back to ASAP. 
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